Monday, December 26, 2011

Day Trip

Today I took a day trip with my dad and his wife. We left around 12:00pm and came back around 7:00pm. We drove up the peninsula in Washington to Port Townsend. We spent some time in the downtown area of Port Townsend with my dad's wife shopping and us following here.

That makes it sounds like it was a drag, and it was not. We visited a lot of interesting stores, although most were art galleries. These small galleries were very interesting, but expensive to say the least. I'm not exactly sure how they survived in this small town downtown area. It did not seem to me that the town was wealthy, but maybe I just didn't see it.

Then we drove back down the peninsula towards Poulsbo. Poulsbo is my favorite just because it was settled by the Vikings that travelled to this side of the Americas. It has many roads named after famous Viking families and Viking kings. We stopped at a bakery, which was named Shuly's Bakery. They had the biggest donuts I've ever seen. These were called "Viking Donuts." I guess they liked their donuts.


  1. thats sweet, i definetly wanna try some vking donuts!

  2. Post pictures up of Poulsbo next time! Need to see it!

  3. poulsbo washington? lol great blog bro will check up later :)

  4. thats pretty cool. i personally refuse to do any shopping the week after xmas.